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FLIST Bridges Cyberspace and Artspace

CHICAGO – For the first time ever, artist-bloggers’ work will be transferred from cyberspace to artspace for FLIST, a multi-media exhibit that runs from October 5th to October 12th at The Happy Dog Gallery. FLIST – blog-speak for “friends list” – allows artists worldwide to put real names to usernames and faces to userpics, while exhibiting art side-by-side.

For artists, the “blogosphere” has become a place to exhibit work, meet other artists, share ideas with peers and admirers, and, of course, network. All of this interaction is free or relatively inexpensive, and accessible on a global scale.

FLIST’s mission is to explore how artist communities fit into this phenomenon online and off. It's a group exhibit featuring over 40 artists from around the globe, spanning from New York to Seattle, to as far as Russia and Malaysia.

Here're the deets:
The Bloggers' Art Show

When: Oct. 5-12
Where: Happy Dog Gallery / 1542 N. Milwaukee Ave. / Chicago, IL


The show is 5 parts:
1. art on the walls [for sale], anything from photography to illustrations, paintings to LJ icon designs by _tayler
2. 5' x 3' plexi-glass slideshow projector showcasing all the artists
3. Ipod listening stations featuring recordings of creative writing and blog entries from writers and vocalists like i_write_art and nautibitz
4. live models showcasing jewelry design and couture fashihon of kobielee
5. merch table items from art euntrapreneurs like jek_a_go_go and rudeboyzach

FREE magnetic artist trading cards, courtesy of Magnacote,

BEVERAGES: Sponsored by:
- Roberto Cavalli Vodka
- Sam Adams beer
- Miller Light
- Frida Kahlo tequila [ohnotheydin't!]

TREATS: FLIST cookies [made with love] by roxxy78 of Love, Chicago fame!!

EVENT AFTER-PARTY: 10pm-2am [also Oct. 5th—it's the same night]
• Seattle-based DJ seattlewolf, visits Chicago to play his signature bootleg, original mash-ups all night long!

Created and curated by lil_fatty & mjvesper

Bring friends, family, mortal enemies, secret lovers and everyone you've ever known. If anyone has any questions. You know where to find me.

For more details, hit our website:
AND friend us on myspace:

See ya there!
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